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Let us help you raise capital effortlessly from accredited and non-accredited investors via the JOBS Act.

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Benefits of CrowdVest


Save Time

By listing your offering on CrowdVest your company will be able to continue to concentrate on growing the business. We realize most companies will need to raise capital to some point in their lifecycle and by implementing the CrowdVest platform it will help save critical time.

Simple process

Simple Process

The CrowdVest creative team will work with the company to build a company page on the platform that will serve as a platform for investors to fund the offering. The process of investing in your offering is seamless through the CrowdVest platform.

Save money

Save Money

The cost of raising money via Regulation A+ or Regulation CF campaign will almost always be less expensive than traditional financing.

Simple 5 Step Process

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Step 1

Company Approval

The company will submit required information to CrowdVest for review.

  • CrowdVest will collect basic information about the company to assess whether the company will benefit from listing on the platform
  • The process will take 7 to 10 days.
  • Begin process of filing appropriate paperwork with SEC for approval of offering (this process can take up to 3 months)
  • CrowdVest is able to refer a team of attorneys to help with the SEC filing
Step 2

Profile Page

Create a company profile page on CrowdVest.

  • Once approved to list on CrowdVest and a contract has been signed, the company will work with our design team to build a company page for potential investors.
  • Our experienced design team will make the process of building a company page simple and fun so that your company’s story is out there for potential investors.
  • The company page will include an Invest Now button.
  • The Invest Now button will provide a seamless process in your company’s offering.
  • The process will securely move the money from the investors account into an escrow account until the offering is complete.
  • When the offering is complete the money will be disbursed to the company
Step 3


Create a marketing plan.

  • CrowdVest works with several marketing firms that can help the company put together the appropriate plan to attract investors.
  • In an offering there is a need to have a marketing plan that will attract the right type of potential investor to the company profile page.
Step 4

Broker-Dealer and Escrow

CrowdVest will work with companies to secure a broker-dealer (if needed) and establish an escrow account.

  • A company will have the option to user a broker-dealer to facilitate the offering or to go at it alone without the use of a broker-dealer. Each situation varies and the decision will be made to fit the company’s objectives.
  • Whether the company chooses to use a broker-dealer or go at it alone will not affect the relationship with CrowdVest.
Step 5

Going Live

  • CrowdVest will collaborate with the company to take the offering live on the platform.
  • The marketing plan will be in full affect.
  • The Invest Now button will active and accepting investments.
  • The company can also direct all potential investors to the company page on CrowdVest where they can invest directly in the company free of charge.