Get in early on the next big thing

Easy investments in early stage companies. Own shares in a startup for as little as $500.

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Investing in Companies


Easily Invest in Startups

The average investor has the ability to invest in private companies.


You have the CrowdVest Team

Our team of customer service representatives will be here to assist you in the investment process. You of course must do your own due diligence, but we are here to make that process smoother for you.


Fund Entrepreneurs

You can now make a difference and invest in the future of companies and entrepreneurs you choose. Small business is what drives the U.S. economy and you can now be an integral part of that engine. And, you can own a piece of the companies of the future.

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Opportunities in Non-Public Companies

The average investor will have the opportunity to add non-public companies to their investment portfolio.

Popular Investment Opportunities

Regulation Crowdfunding (CF) is intended to help small and startup businesses conduct Internet-based raising of seed financing from a broad, mostly retail base.

Over 700 companies have launched Reg CF campaigns

Total commitments of $99.6 million

Over 100,000 investors have backed the companies

The average raise has been $361,843

*Stats via Crowdfund Capital Advisors as of January 24, 2018

See How It Works
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“Before mid-2015, only accredited investors (the top 3% of Americans) were able to invest in private companies. After the JOBS Act was passed it allowed the average American to invest in private companies. I saw this as an opportunity to help entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of expansion as well as opening up the world of investing in the next big thing to the average American.”

Matt McCall
CEO & Founder of CrowdVest to Entrepreneur Magazine

Apply to Start Raising Funds with CrowdVest

Every great idea and product will need to raise capital at one point during their growth cycle. With the introduction of the JOBS Act there are now new ways to raise the capital needed from millions of investors around the country.

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    Save Time

    Using CrowdVest will help save time during the capital raise and allow you to focus on what is most important – growing the company.

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    Simple Process

    Running a startup and raising money will never be easy, but it can be simple. And with CrowdVest the process will be made as seamless as possible as we walk you through from start to finish

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    Save Money

    It is not only extremely difficult for a small company to go to the big guys on Wall Street to ask for money, it is also very expensive. We strive to keep our costs low and help the companies that use CrowdVest raise the money they need to fund their growth.

Start Raising Capital

Invest in Startups

All great companies began as a startup at some point in their lifetime and today you can invest in early stage private companies. Start building your portfolio today.

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    Low Investment Minimum

    Invest as little as $500 in a company, allowing you the ability to build a diversified portfolio of startups.

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    Non-Public Companies

    Choose from a diversified group of non-public companies that are listed on CrowdVest. Each company will go through a vetting process before they are approved by Crowdvest to list their offering on the platform.

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    Fund the Future

    Be a part of a new generation of investors that have the ability to fund the entrepreneurs and companies of the future.

  • These investments are speculative, generally illiquid, and investors could lose their entire investment

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