About CrowdVest

Helping investors fund entrepreneurs and companies they believe in.

CrowdVest is a platform that facilitates equity investments in startup companies. This process allows private companies the ability to raise funds needed for expansion through the crowd.

Under Title IV, Regulation A+, of the JOBS Act, private companies can now raise up to $50 Million from the crowd. The average American now has the opportunity to invest in these private companies, and own a piece of the startup that you believe in.

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The Team

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Matt McCall

Founder & CEO

Matt McCall is Founder and President of Penn Financial Group LLC, an investment advisory firm as well as founder of Point B Publishing LLC, a financial publishing company. Matt also recently launched his newest venture, CrowdVest LLC, a funding platform for private companies that are raising money through Regulation A+ of the JOBS Act.

Matt is a former co-host of a daily investment show on Fox Business Network and was a contributor to the Fox News Channel. He appeared daily as a panelist on Fox Business Network’s “Making Money with Charles Payne”. In the last 10 years Matt has over 1,500 television appearances. In addition to being with Fox Business from day one of the network, he also co-hosted the show “Real News” on the Blaze TV for a year.

He has authored two investment books published by Wiley, “The Swing Trader’s Bible” and “The Next Great Bull Market”.

Matt is the Managing Editor of the “Flying Under the Radar Stocks” newsletter. He is also the co-editor of “Breakout Stocks” and the “ETF Trend Trader” with Hilary Kramer. It was recently announced that on April 1, 2017, Matt will begin his own newsletter franchise at Investor Place Media with the goal to have 5-7 new publications from him and his team by 2018.

His extensive background in investing and the media has made him a highly sought-after speaker in the world of investments. His travels have taken him to several continents to share his expertise on investing.

Matt’s education includes a bachelors degree in Finance from Kutztown University and a MBA from the University of Colorado.

Matt began his career at Charles Schwab where he was a stockbroker for a few years before moving on Wall Street Radio, Inc., located in Boulder, CO. At Wall Street Radio, Matt was the Chief Technical Analyst as well as the co-host of “Winning on Wall Street”, a daily national radio show.

In 2004, Matt decided it was time start his own venture and fulfill his dream of being an entrepreneur when he founded Penn Financial Group LLC. From day one his goal has been to help the individual investor and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. With his newest venture, CrowdVest, he will be able to achieve both goals.

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